Our Tomato


The choice of using raw materials, particularly the organic tomatoes, grown in Tuscany is not casual. At the base of this choice is the deep knowledge of it’s precious terrain.


The soil from which our raw materials come has not been exhausted over the centuries, as has, and still is, the case of the south of Italy, and for this reason it is still rich with nutritional principles. The special features of this soil give our products a unique fragrance: the terrain is mostly level or slightly sloping, of alluvial origin, deep, of sandy loam composition, with a sub-alkaline reaction (pH 7,5-8,0), not calcareous; the organic farm manure grants a high mineralization level. The combination of these elements gives our raw material for excellence, the tomato, a suitable balance between acidity and sugars and a high pH level which renders the addition of sweeteners during production unnecessary.


The fields have a correct sun exposure; too much sun makes the tomatoes yellow because over 38°C  the formation of licopene is precluded, the latter gives the fruits their typical bright red colour.

The proximity to the sea confers to the tomatoes a particular saltiness which enhances their flavour  and the microclimate promotes a good plant growth.

The climate is Mediterranean, typical of this area with hot dry summers and mild winters.

The annual rainfall is of 600 mm, two thirds of which between November and February.


We pick the tomato according to our needs, selecting the fruits with the finer conditions (acidity and sugars) directly from the fields. Raw materials are handled with great care and processed within 24 hours of being harvested, thus transferring the freshness of the tomatoes directly to the jar. The maximum temperature that our tomato based products endure is 97° for 5 minutes, during pasteurization. Our production processes do not oxidate the products and they maintain a suitable colour, consistency and taste, lasting in time and enabling us not to add any substance to out tomato products. 

We believe that a high quality tomato should have a correct balance between sugar and acidity as this gives the final product a round and balanced flavour; fresh and tasty.

It should have a good consistency, not too soft and as near as possible to the consistency of home made products.