We believe in a healthy diet based on raw materials of high quality produced with passion and perseverance.

The Philosophy

We are a united group, respectful of ancient traditions but with an eye to the future and new technologies. We love good food and the environment that surrounds us.

We are sensitive to the quality of life, we believe in promoting the consumption of organic products of quality, stimulating reflection on the quality of nutrition and promoting awareness of the Tuscan territory.

Our goal is to spread values such as "food security" and "respect for the environment" in which we live  and that our children will inherit. We want to be an ethical alternative to large agro-food productions.

Always sensitive to global environmental problems, we promote environmentally sustainable consumption and development styles.

We have just completed the ambitious project of changing the mode of operation of the company taking the factory off the power grid and replacing completely the use of electricity with the use of solar energy.

6000 m2 of solar concentrators: a great economic and managerial commitment that we are happy to undertake in order to make our contribution to the environment.